Tibetan Thangka Painting by a Japanese painter Yoji Nishi

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Support:mixture of clay, chalk and ocher on cotton
Materials:natural mineral pigment, natural earth pigment, dye stuff, gold and Sumi ink

A horizontally long painting of lotus pond inspired by the description of sukhavati, the pure land of the Buddha Amitabha in the sutra.

While the title of the painting is named after the pure land of the Buddha Amitabha no deity is depicted in this painting and it is not a traditional Thangka painting. This is a painter's creative work with the technique and materials of the traditional Thangka Painting.

Lower half of the painting is filled with countless colorful lotuses and leaves which are painted with calm yet strong color of natural mineral pigments. In contrast, upper half of the canvas is painted with natural dyes in very pale color which enhance the sense of depth in this wide scenery.

None of the flowers or the leaves is wilted, creating a small waterway turning clockwise from the central front of the painting. Mountains with waterfalls and variety of clouds of Karma Gadri style are depicted in the scenery.

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