Tibetan Thangka Painting by a Japanese painter Yoji Nishi

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  • Dewachen


    Magnificent lotus pond in the pure land of the Buddha Amitabha, Sukhavati

  • 21 Taras

    Finely detailed image of Tara's 21 emanations following the ancient Buddhist text.

  • Dorje Drolo

    One of the eight manifestations of Guru Padmasambhava. Dancing on the back of a tigress.

  • Padmasambhava

    A Buddhist master from Oddiyana who brought Tantric Buddhism to Tibet.

  • See the detail of Chime Phagma

    Chimé Phagma

    The union of White Tara and Amitayus. A long life practice from Gong ter, mind treasures.

  • See the detail of Tashi Tag Gye

    Tashi Tag Gye

    Eight Symbols of Good Fortune or Eight Auspicious Symbols painted on wood panels.

  • Vajrayogini

    She is red like ruby in color with a fierce yet seductive expression, dancing amidst a wisdom fire.

  • Vajrasattva

    Buddha of purification. He is the embodiment of the purity of all the Buddhas.

  • Vajrakilaya

    A special Thangka of fierce heruka, Vajrakilaya painted with pure gold on black silk canvas.

  • Shinran Shonin

    Founder of Jodo Shinshu, a Pure Land Buddhism, the largest school of Buddhism in Japan.

  • Avalokiteśvara

    The embodiment of the compassion with Amitabha Buddha above his head.

  • Ogyen Menla

    Padmasambhava in the form of Medicine Buddha with the body in the blue color like lapis lazuli.

  • Green Tara

    The embodiment of enlightened activities, also known as the Mother of all Buddhas.

  • Avalokiteśvara

    The Bodhisattva of compassion who holds the wish-fulfilling gem, a crystal rosary and a lotus.

  • Manjushri

    The Buddha of wisdom, Manjushri Mawe Senge, riding on top of a blue lion.

  • See the detail of the ritual drum

    Ritual Drum

    Traditional Tibetan ritual drum for ceremony decorated with two gold dragons.

  • Padmasambhava

    A Buddhist master from Oddiyana who brought Tantric Buddhism to Tibet.

  • Avalokiteśvara

    Avalokiteśvara in his standing two-armed form. Decorated with the "Kiri-kane" technique.

  • Manjushri

    The Bodhisattva of wisdom who wields a flaming sword that cuts through ignorance.

  • White Tara

    The peaceful female Buddha of compassion, healing and longevity, Tara of seven eyes.

  • Amitāyus

    The "Mar-Thang", red Thangka of the infinite life, painted with Gold pigment on a red ground.

  • Rennyo Shonin

    The 8th head-priest of the Jodo Shinshu school of Buddhism painted on silk canvas.

  • Ushnishavijaya

    A small A4 size Thangka of the fourth Tara from the text "The praise to the Twenty-One Taras"

  • Avalokiteśvara

    One of the most popular deities in Tibet with his mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum".

  • Amitabha

    The Buddha of Infinite Light, the head of the Lotus family and one of the five Dhyani Buddha.

  • Vajrasattva

    Vajrasattva riding on white clouds in the sky in the form of Yab-yum, embracing his consort.

  • Buddha Shakamuni

    Shakyamuni Buddha

    The lord Buddha sitting on a throne in Crossed legged position.

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