Tibetan Thangka Painting by a Japanese painter Yoji Nishi

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Yoji Nishi  Born in Japan in 1972


Started to learn Thangka painting in Nepal with Karma Thubten, a Tibetan Thangka painter from eastern Tibet.


Enrolled in the Shechen Institute of Traditional Tibetan Art, Tsering Art School, to learn under the guidance of the master Thangka Painter Konchog Lhadrepa.


Took part in a group from Tsering Art School to paint the mural of a new monastery near Bouddhanath, Nepal.


Graduated from Tsering Art School as the top student, obtained a fine art degree of "Lhadre Lopon" from Shechen monastery.
Moved to Belgium and started to work in Europe.


Temporarily returned to Japan and learned the technique of Japanese traditional silk painting and Kirikane.


Traveled to Tibetan colony in north India to deepen knowledge and understanding of natural pigments.


Moved to Spain. (visit his Blog to check out his recent works in progress)

Karma Thubten・・・・・Renowned Thangka Painter from Dza To Shen, Kham in Eastern Tibet. He lives in Kathmandu, Nepal and gives Thangka Painting courses of long and short period. He is an experienced Thangka teacher and has students from various countries.【Return to Profile】
Tsering Art School・・・・・Website
An art school of Karma Gardri style Tibetan Thangka Painting which is part of Shechen Monastery in Bouddhanath Kathmandu, Nepal, established by Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche in 1996. The six years curriculum consists of the basic drawing class, coloring class, deity measurement class, mandala class, Tibetan calligraphy class, history class and theory class.【Return to Profile】

Konchog Lhadrepa・・・・・The principal of the Tsering Art School and an authentic holder of the Karma Gardri lineage of painting who trained with the Thangka painter Lhadre Tragyel in Sikkim, a master Thangka painter of the Karma Gardri lineage. His great talent and experience together with vast knowledge of Buddhism make him an exceptional artist.
Books by Konchog Lhadrepa..."The Path To Liberation"
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Kirikane・・・・・A decorative technique used for Buddhist paintings and statues in Japan. Gold leaf cut into thin stripes or different shapes with a bamboo knife are glued on the surface of the artwork to create beautiful designs.【Return to Profile】